Sony Playstation Sales Three Times More than Xbox

sony ps4The financial report for the first quarter for Sony is available now and there are some very promising data in it. The net income stands at $261 million and the big drivers for this income are PS4 and “Amazing Spiderman.”

According to the report, Sony sold a total of 3.5 million PS4 and PS3 consoles which is already three times up from 1.1 million consoles sold in first quarter of 2013.

Microsoft had also recently revealed that the sale of Xbox during this same period was 1.1 million units which means that sale of both Sony PS4 and PS3 combined is three times that of Xbox One and Xbox 360 from Microsoft.

This performance is also reflected in the fact that the games division posted a profit of $43 million this year compared with an operating loss of $164 million in the first quarter of 2013.

The company has not given any separate figures for PS4 and PS 3 sales but it noted that sales of PS3 decreased during the period of report.

Microsoft’s Xobox one is performing relatively well but only when you compare it with other consoles other than PS4.

It looks like we are heading towards a total domination by PS4 in this generation. The holiday season will bee an ideal time to see how both gaming consoles fare.

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