Sony to Announce PlayStation 4 Launch Date Today

Today at Gamescom, a trade conference of video-gaming world being held at Germany, Sony will give more details about the possible launch date of PlayStation 4.

The price, specs and features of PlayStation 4 have already been announced by Sony but there has not been any clear word on launch date so far. It has only said that PS4 will be available in holiday season of 2013.

playstation 4

Today at it’s press event, Sony will shed more light on the likely release timings, possibly between October and early November.

Sony has announced price for PS4 which is lower than the competition i.e Microsoft’s Xbox One. The PlayStation will be available for $399 whereas Xbox One is priced at $499.

It is also yet be seen if Sony will launch the PS4 first in a market other than Japan because it historically has released first in Japan and then in any other market.

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