Sony Winning Console Race, Sells One Million More Than Microsoft

Sony PS4 Launch 7

In the first few weeks the sales figures for Sony and Microsoft consoles were not very different from each other but now it appears that Sony is racing ahead of Microsoft.

Sony announced today at the CES that it had sold more than 4.2 million Sony PlayStation 4s up to December 28, 2013.  In comparison , Microsoft had announced yesterday that it had sold more than 3 million Xbox Ones during last year.

Sony PS4 was launched one week before the launch of Xbox One by Microsoft. There is also a big difference in the availabilkilty. While Sony PS4 is available in 53 countries around the world, Microsoft’s Xbox One is available for purchase in only a limited number of 13 countries.

There is also a pricing factor that is in play in case of both the gaming consoles. Sony PS4 costs a good $100 less than Microsoft’s Xbox One. The price of Sony PS4 is $399 while Microsoft’s gaming console costs $499.

Source: Recode

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