Sony’s PS4 Sales Cross 5.3 Million Leaving Xbox One in Dust

It has been announced by Sony that its PS4 units sales have touched 5.3 million as of February 8. ps4

The rival gaming console is Microsoft’s Xbox One which managed to sell 3.9 million units as of January 24th and the third contender is Nintendo’s Wii U which has managed to touch sales figure of 6 million since it was launched in November 2012.

Sony’s initial forecasts indicated that it will sell five million units by March but it managed to touch that figure earlier which leads analysts to believe Sony might be able to sell 10 million PS4 units by the close of this year.

UKIE, the games industry body in UK, had announced last year that the PS4 sales have eclipsed the earlier 8 years old record of PSP and clinched the fastest selling ever record. PS4 was also the fastest selling gaming console in US through January.

The CEO and president of Sony Andrew House said that he was “thrilled ” by these shining sales results.

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