Sprint Nears a Deal to Buy T-Mobile for $50 Billion

T-Mobile,. 6/2014 Waturbury, CTSprint is reportedly moving fast towards finalizing a deal with T-mobile for buying the company at $40 per share, according to reports from the Wall Street Journal and other tech sources.

It is expected that the final announcement of the deal might be made as early as this July. If the deal does not go through, Sprint will pay T-Mobile $1 billion dollars as breakup fee.

There are significant chances that the deal might not be able to get regulatory approvals because earlier AT&T had tried to buy T-Mobile but the Government did not approve the deal.

The total price of the deal will be around $50 billion which also includes all debt, WSJ has reported. The majority stake in T-Mobile is owned by the German Deutsche Telekom who is likely to retain between 15 to 20 percent ownership in the company.

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