Steve Ballmer Earns $769 With Retirement Announcement

Steve Ballmer may have been in a real psychological bind on deciding his retirement within the next 12 months but one thing will make it a bit easier for him to come to terms with his retirement – a huge spike in his own personal wealth as result. It appears that Ballmer has just made around $1 Billion by announcing that he is quitting Microsoft.

According to latest figures, Steve Ballmer own 333,252,990 Microsoft shares. Only yesterday these shares were worth $10.794 at the closing price of $32.39. But after he announced his retirement plans this morning, the share price of Microsoft has soared by 7 per cent which means his shares are now worth $11.563 billion and he made $769 million with his retirement announcement.


However, Ballmer will not be very proud when he will look back at his achievements at Microsoft. The market capitalization of Microsoft was $600 when he took over in 1999 and it is $270 on the day of his retirement announcement.

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