Surface Pro 4 Has Low Repairability Score

surface pro 4
CC BY-NC by isriya

The famous tech gadget repair site iFixit has now torn down Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft and the tablet has unfortunately scored very low when it comes to repairing a damaged one, just like previous gadgets from Microsoft.

iFixit gave Surface Pro 4 a score of 2 out of 10 on this count. Dis-assembly of any tech gadget is not easy part and when it comes to smaller gadgets like tablets, it is even more difficult. The experienced team from iFixit almost busted its screen while dissecting.

And once inside, it was extremely difficult to get to motherboard and the only easy component was SSD. In iFixit score, that is the only part that has got a positive score.

The motherboard has been strongly attached to battery using adhesives making it extremely difficult to remove. The removal of display was also a very difficult task even when Microsoft has done away with the proprietary connectors and have shifted to more common connectors like those found in iPhone display. However, comparatively speaking, removing display in this release is easier than for previous ones.

In short iFixit has said that the adhesives have been used so strongly and generously that self-repair is almost an impossibility.

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