Switch to AT&T from T-Mobile and Get Free $450 Credit

at&t logoThe wireless battle continues between AT&T and T-Mobile. In a preemptive strike, AT&T has launched a limited time offer and will offer up to $450 credit to those T-Mobile customers who will switch to AT&T. There are expectations that T-Mobile was going to offer a similar proposition to AT&T users at CES next week as part of its ‘Un-Carrier 4.0.’

The present AT&T offer, which is effective today, promises $250 credit who trade in a smartphone and switch to AT&T and those signing up for any of the AT&T contract can get a further $200 credit making the total $450.

T-Mobile can of course offer a similar punch but AT&T has a lot more customers that can bet stolen. Generally T-Mobile plans are less expensive.

In a comment to Recode, T-Mobile has termed this a ”desperate move” which is indicative of “bad holidays and weak Q4 for AT&T. ”  AT&T further said that it is going to also eliminate ‘pain points’ at the CES.


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