Symantec Asserts Its Anti-Virus Not Banned by Chinese Government

After earlier reports that Chinese government has banned the procurement of Symantec anti-virus software by its government agencies, Symantec has stated that China has not banned its

Earlier in the week the Chinese state media had reported that China had banned Symantec anti virus and Kaspersky Lab from Russia.

A spokesman from Symantec told Reuters claiming that the situation was not equal to a total blanket ban in China on Symantec anti-virus. He said:

“It is important to note that this list is only for certain types of procurement and Symantec products are not banned by the Chinese government. We are investigating this report and will continue to bid for and win government projects in China.”

Symantec, and most other US tech companies, are having a tough time in Chinese market as China seeks to promote its own home grown technology. Earlier Symantec had said that it was in discussion with the Chinese government after the reports that China had banned its data loss prevention software. At that time Symantec had said that it did not foresee any ban on its flagship anti-virus software in China.

China has also banned use of Windows 8 on government computers.

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