T-Mobile Announces $250 BlackBerry Loyalty Reward

Recently T-Mobile got into a big of issue when it sent an email to its BlackBerry customers to encourage them to switch over to iPhone 5S for $0. BlackBerry Z10This offer enraged BlackBerry CEO who went on to right a passionate blog post about it. .

But now it looks like T-mobile is trying to make amends for that error because it has said in a blog post that from this Friday, it will offer a $200 credit to BlackBerry customers – even non-T-Mobile users – who trade in their old BlackBerry device and upgrade to any other T-Mobile cellphone, be it another BlackBerry or any other device.

Those BlackBerry customers who would like to upgrade to another BlackBerry device like Z10 or Q10 have been offered another $50 credit.

Hopefully BlackBerry CEO and BlackBerry users will be pacified by this special loyalty reward offered by T-Mobile.

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