T-Mobile to Pay Up to $350 for Switching Over From Others

T-Mobile-logo-webSo responding to AT&T’s offer to customers for switching over, T-mobile has come up with its own switch over plan. It has announced that T-Mobile shall pay the termination fee if you agree to switch over to it.

Starting tomorrow, the company will offer up to $350 and fund your terminations fees if you switch over from Sprint, AT&T or Verizon contract.

However, there is a list of catches to this deal:

  • Your existing phone will need to be traded in for a new phone from T-mobile
  • Signing up to a new T-Mobile Plan and porting your number to T-mobile
  • The payment will not be up front $350 but will cover the actual termination fee, a proof of which will be sent to T-mobile at this website. Alternatively you can email the proof to the company.
  • Credit for trading in your existing phone will be instant at the time of deal with T-Mobile paying up to $300 additional and you will not need to pay for the T-mobile phone because almost all T-mobile phones on down to $0 on contract.

Last week AT&T announced that it will be paying $200 to every customer switching over from T-Mobile. That offer also required customers to by a new AT&T phone.

T-Mobile had termed offer from AT&T  as  a desperate move at that time but now their own new plan is not much different from what AT&T offered.


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