T-Mobile Will Double 4G Data Free for Customers from 23rd March

T-Mobile has announced that it will double the internet data for 4G LTE without charging any extra price.


According to the announcement, the customers of T-Mobile using its Simple Choice plan will have a double data limit of 4G LTE of 1 GB from a previous 500 MB. T-Mobile does not charge users any extra charges for going over limit but users can not use 4G speeds after they exceed their data limits.

T-Mobile has said that the double data upgrade shall be available from 23rd March. If users pay an extra $10 per month, they can get a data of 3 GB which is up from the present 2.5 GB.

The new customers of T-Mobile can get unlimited 4G LTE data by paying an extra $30 per month which is $10 higher than what they pay now. With this they will get 5 GB tethering.

Existing subscribers to unlimited 4G LTE data can continue to pay $20 extra like before. However if they want to upgrade their tethering from 2.5 GB to 5 GB, they will need to pay $30.

T-Mobile has also said that the customers of Simple Choice plan will be able to send unlimited international text messages to most countries.

These are the latest efforts by T-Mobile to poach customers from other carriers. It is continuously locked in a battle of such promotions with AT&T.

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