Takedown Requests to Google Quadrupled During the Year

In total Google received more than 235 million takedown requests relating to copyright infringing content during the current year 2013.

TorrentFreak has analyzed this year’s Google’s transparency report and concluded that the takedown requests increased by a quadruple during the year. pirate-146497_640

Requests came from big US entertainment and media companies including Warner Brothers, NBC Universal, Fox, Disney Enterprises and Microsoft too. However, Google took action against only 9 percent of the questionable content which meant that 210 million URLs were still alive even after receipt of takedown requests.

The largest number of requests were filed by online learning and tutorial website, Lynda.com which submitted 1,178,809 URLs for taking down. 57 percent of these requests did not get any action from Google.

Google has stated that it received 23,211,997 URLs removal requests during the previous month and 3,662 requests came from copyright owners.

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