TalkTalk Users Data Compromised in Cyber Attack

The UK company TalkTalk has said that its website has come under a sustained and significant cyber attack and Police are currently investigating.

TalkTalk, which is a UK phone and broadband service provider with over 4 million subscribers, has said that possibly the personal details including banking details have been accessed by the hackers. The company said that there is likelihood that all the customers might have been affected and their data might have been stolen.

The company’s share price nosedived after the news ans suffered a 10% decrease at the London stock exchange. A Russian Islamist group has reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack and has posted private information online which is similar to Talktalk’s customers information, however, it has not been verified so far.

The website also came under a DDoS attack but it is not clear how DDoS attack could result in loss of confidential data. One explanation is that it was a decoy to distract attention of the TalkTalk’s defense team. There is no details about if the data relating to customers was encrypted or not.

TalkTalk is going to suffer serious damage because the customers will need reassurance that their private banking and personal information is safe with the company. The voice, broadband and TV services of TalkTalk have not been affected in the attack.

The company is currently contacting all its customers via email to warn them about the breach and to ask them to change their passwords etc.

However, customers are very unhappy with this news because it is the third cyber security attack on TalkTalk in a year.

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