Target Data Breach Also Revealed Personal Info of 70 Million People

Target in Macedonia, OhioTarget has further announced that its holiday data breach also involved compromise of personal information of 70 million people.

Target, which operates more than 1,800 stores in the United States has said that the new information indicates that private data which included names, phone numbers, mailing addresses and email addresses was also compromised. This data is semi-public but is very attractive to identity thieves because they can use this to send spam emails and possibly hack into their other accounts.

Target has said that this information was stored on a separate server from the 40 million credit and debit cards data that was reported affected earlier. Target said that the entry point of the breach had been identified and closed.

Target had said before Christmas holidays that identity thieves had broken into its systems and stolen credit and debit card data in a hacking operation that continued for two weeks (November 27 to December 15) including the Black Friday weekend.

This new disclosure comes at a time when Target is trying to recover from the damage done by earlier revelation. Target has already cut its profit forecast for the crucial holiday quarter by 20 percent.


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