Taylor Swift Features in New Apple Music Ad

Taylor Swift can be seen rocking out to “The Middle” in a big batchroom in this new Apple music ad.

The new Apple music commercial has been released by Taylor Swift via Twitter and is a lot better than her first promotional material for Apple music service.

In this new commercial video, she can be seen switching on to a playlist for “getting ready to go out” and rocks in a giant bathroom to Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle”.

She lings her lipstick, bounces around and can also be seen displaying beautiful dance moves that will remind you your own dance parties in high school.

Taylor Swift and Apple have been coming closer in recent months, putting their altercations over music royalties during the free period of Apple Music to past. Apple music exclusively premiered Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour documentary and it looks like that she is going to be a regular feature in Apple music ads now. Enjoy the video below:

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