Teenager Charged for Murder Based on Twitter Evidence

Cody Hall, a teenager residing in the United States has become the first person ever to charged with murder based on the evidence of  twitter messages.

Cody Hall was originally charged for manslaughter after he killed a cyclist by knocking over him while driving his car at the speed of 80 miles per hour in a zone where the speed limit was 40 miles an hour.


However, the prosecution department of California further increased the charges and brought up the charge of murder when they discovered that a few months earlier he had boasted about driving at 140 miles an hour on his Twitter account.

His tweets said : ‘come on a death ride with me’,  ‘live fast die young’ and .  He also tweeted and compared his car to a  ‘death trap’. The twitter account of Cody Hall has been made private now.

Analysts believe that these twitter messages will be used as pre-offence e-statement  – and will aid the prosecution stance of ‘implied malice’ which is needed for proving a murder charge against an accused.

Now a jury will decide whether these tweets were sufficient enough evidence to prove the charge of intent to murder by Cody Hall.

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