Tim Cook Calls Android Hellstew of Vulnerabilities

tim-cook-androidApple CEO, Tim Cook took aim at Android at Apple’s WWDC. Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system developed by Google and used by rival Samsung for its smartphones.

He said there were new 130 million Apple customers and many of them had bought an Android phone ‘by mistake’ and switched to Apple for a better experience.

He also said that half its customers in China were switchers from Android which he thought was incredible. He, however, forgot to mention that Apple only recently focused in China and Android was earlier the most dominant OS in Chinese smartphone market.

He also said that only 9 percent of Android users were using the latest KitKat version while 89 percent of iOS users were on the latest release.

He went on to say that Android apps have the most number of viruses and malware and called Android a “toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities.”

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