TiVo Announces New Roamio DVRs with Out of Home Streaming

TiVo is here to solve the problem of not being able to watch your favorite TV shows with its new Roamio DVR line. TiVo has released two new models which are available from today:

  • The Roamio – $200
  • Roamio Plus – $400
  • Roamio Pro – $600

roamio new tivo

The first Roamio is a four-tuner DVR which means that it is capable of recording 4 TV shows at a time and has come with a dard drive capacity of 500GB which is enough for about 75 hours of High Definition recording.

The other high end Roamio Plus and Roamio pro are six tuners DVRs. The Plus has a hard drive storage of 1 Terabyte for about 150 hours of HD TV Shows recording and Roamio Pro ships with 3TB hard disk drive for 450 hours of HD recording. All the modesl have built in wireless capabilities and will need a cable card to work.

There are many new features but the most important and exciting one seems to be the built-in streaming in both Pro and Plus models. The user will be able to go for streaming of their favorite shows using TiVo stream even while being out of home. This will be available for both iPad and iPhone. Now, there will be no need of a TiVo Stream box.

The out of Home streaming will however be available by October or November. Secondly the streaming will be available initially only on Wi-fi though cellular data will be supported later on.

The last major launch event of TiVo was about three years ago at  the time of launch of its Premiere platform. Once a leader in DVR platform, TiVo has been recently overtaken by DirecTV and Dish during the last couple of years.

All the newly launched Roamio models are available for purchase from Best Buy, TiVo and Amazon.

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