Top iOS ad Blocker Crystal Sneaks Ads Through on Payment

After abrupt removal of Peace, the first popular ad blocker on iOS 9 on App Store, another app named Crystal has taken its place. As a matter of fact, Crystal has become the number one paid app on App Store.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the owner of the app Dean Murphy has already been able to earn more than $75,000 from the app that is priced at 99 cents, which is quite fine.

But the money from the app sales seems to be not enough for owner of Cystal because the creator of the app has signed an agreement with Eyeo GmbH, the creators of Adblock Pro to allow the whitelisted companies to pass through ad filters of Crystal.

According to Eyeo, it has an “acceptable ads” policy which restricts annoying or intrusive ads. However, even companies like Microsoft and Google are already paying among other 70 companies to pass through the ad blocker filters. According to Eyeo, around 700 companies meet its ad criteria.

The creator of Crystal will receive a monthly flat fee from Eyeo for ensuring that their whitelist is enabled by default on Crystal. His reason is that he wants to save the publishing industry. He told the Journal, “I decided that’s a good feature to provide, and from what I’ve seen the ‘acceptable ads’ policy doesn’t let through what I’d classify as bad ads.” However, Eyeo is not very transparent itself about the criteria it uses for whitelisting ads. This effectively means that Crystal has set up a tollbooth to show you ads. Quite unfair.

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