Top Paid Android App on Google Play Was a Scam Antivirus

Android users are generally more prone to malware than their counterparts on iOS. A recent example is a fake antivirus app on Google Play.

The app named Virus Shield was priced at AU$3.99 and was launched on March 28th on Google Play and it became instantly a hit android app and topped charts on paid android apps. The seller managed to install it on 10,000 android handsets in a week and also managed to get 1270 five star reviews. Users liked the selling point of the app that it had a simple and clean interface. All a user needed to do was to tap the screen and antivirus protection of Virus Shield got activated on his or her android smartphone.


However, the app did not work as claimed. In fact all it did was change its icon after the user activated it. There was not antivirus code at all in the app, according to an investigation by Android Police.

Google has since removed the app and the developer from Google Play but this has again highlighted the serious flaws in app approval processes at an open platform like Android Google Play Store.

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