Top Web Designing Trends of 2014

The Web Everywhere: Multi-Device Web Design - Luke Wroblewski (@lukew) at #aeaatl 2013If you are in the business of Web designing, then you should be aware of the latest web design trends of 2014. Website designing professional are mostly in agreement on the top web design trends and these are just three: Simplicity, responsiveness and an engaging design.

1) Responsive Sites: This has become very critical for business for the simple reason that this is in fact turning into a de-facto standard and your Google ranking might be affected adversely if you do not have  site that has responsive design. By responsive design, it is meant that the site offers a good user experience regardless of the size of the screen and device. A responsive website will display its size and other features optimally depending on the screen size of the user.

2) Simplicity: This is not in the generic sense. You still have to have excellent content and beautiful images on the website. The navigation also needs to be sleek and beautiful. The best way to achieve this is to hire a web designer who will split test and give you a good idea based on prototypes and you could select your favorite simple yet elegant design. This also means that your own personal emotions and bias are neutralized.

3) Engaging Design: The crux of this trend is that the webpage should be fun to read and view. It should unfold like a story and tell everything about your website in the 30 seconds that a user scrolls from top to the bottom of the page without losing any interest. However, it is not that easy and only an experienced website designer can achieve this for you.

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