Turkey Proclaims Law to Curb Internet Freedom

erdoganThe Turkish President has signed a bill that has empowered the Turkish Government with wide ranging and sweeping powers to monitor internet users in the country and also to block web content/websites at will without court’s orders.

The law approved by Turkish Parliament this month and now signed by the Turkish President will entrust the Turkish authorities with sweeping powers over Internet Service Providers who might now be forced by the Government to block any web content envisaged violative of privacy of a person. No court orders will be required to determine that the content actually violates privacy. ISPs have also been bound to keep logs of Turkish Internet users for two years and also produce these logs to authorities when demanded.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that the bill will help root out the ‘parallel’ state, that he alleges, framed a corruption case his government.

The opponents of the bill claim that it is a naked attempt to place curbs on freedom of speech ahead of the elections that are going to be held later this year.


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