Turkey Reverses Twitter Ban After Court Ruling

TwitterRecep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s prime minister, had imposed a ban on Twitter in Turkey after a series of leaks on the social media site about the evidence of corruption in the close inner circles of his government. The ban was widely criticized world over and was termed as a step in the reverse direction for democracy in Turkey.

However, the highest Constitutional Court of Turkey ruled that the ban on Twitter was in violation of free speed and ruled that the ban should be lifted immediately by the communications ministry and telecom authority.

The authorities removed the ban after one day of the ruling and now Twitter is back on line in Turkey. The communications ministry said: “In line with the decision made by the Constitutional Court … the measure blocking access to the Twitter.com Internet site has been removed.”

A large number of Turkey’s Twitter users had circumvented the ban by using either their cellphone text messages or by using other technical solutions like proxy, DNS or VPN.

Twitter has reacted to the news of lifting of ban: “We are encouraged by the news from Turkey today and welcome our Turkish users back to Twitter,” the company said.

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