Twitter Buys 900 IBM Patents for $36 million

Twitter has said that it has paid $36 million for getting 900 IBM patents in December, its annual report reveals.


The purchase of these patents had been reported in the past but the exact price paid was not disclosed.

Twitter has not said in its 10-K filing with the SEC that it now has 956 patents portfolio and around 100 of its patent applications are pending for approval.

Before the deal to buy these 900 IBM patents, Twitter just had 9 patents. However, the patents portfolio of Twitter is still very tiny in comparison with other companies like Apple and Google.

“Many companies in these industries, including many of our competitors, have substantially larger patent and intellectual property portfolios than we do, which could make us a target for litigation as we may not be able to assert counterclaims against parties that sue us for patent, or other intellectual property infringement,” Twitter filing reads.

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