Twitter cofounder Launches Jelly, a Social Q & A App

Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter has launched Jelly, a new social networking app which gets answers from people in your social network about things in the real world.


Stone had announced several months ago that he was working on Jelly but had not disclosed any details about it at that time.

Jelly is half Q&A site and half search engine and here is how it works.

First you take a picture of something in the real world that you want answers for and upload it to Jelly app by adding text and your question. Once done with this, you further crop sections of the picture to exactly specficy your inquiry.

The app will be making use of your existing social networks for answring questions. Stone has said that he wants that jelly becomes a social networking app with focus on helping each other.

The app is freely available at Android and iPhone and to know more about it, watch the below video.

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