Twitter Hands Over $50,000 Account Back to its Rightful Owner

Unique and valuable accounts sometimes are really sought after, so much that hackers might blackmail the owner to get control of those. This is what happened to Naoki Hiroshima last month when an aggressive hacker forced him to give up his @N Twitter handle for which he had been once offered $50,000. @N Twitter stolen


The hacker had blackmailed Hiroshima into giving up the account after he gained access to his GoDaddy account using some simple social engineering techniques with phone support of GoDaddy and PayPal. He has detailed the whole account of how the hacker blackmailed him.

But now sanity has been restored and Twitter has given back @N account to him, according to this tweet from him:

Order has been restored.

— Naoki Hiroshima (@N) February 25, 2014

No details from Twitter are available as to how it actually happened and there is also no mention of the other Twitter handle Hiroshima currently own, @N_is_stolen.

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