Twitter May File for the IPO Within This Week

WSJ has quoted sources familiar with matter as saying that Twitter may go public with its secret filing of IPO. They have also hinted that the trading in the shares of Twitter may start as early as late October by by early November if thing keep moving at the right speed.

An announcement by Twitter earlier this month revealed that it had filed a confidential filing with the regulators.

As per the rules in the U.S, Twitter may propose a price for the shares and the public launch of the offering can be announced anytime after 21 days of the public filing. It could not be confirmed if Twitter will launch the shares trading as soon as the limit is reached but inside discussions has suggested that things are moving at the maximum possible speed.

However, the cause of concern in discussions has been the ongoing negotiations in the Congress over whether it should extend U.S debt limit because that has the potential to dampen investor spirits and roil stock markets.

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