Twitter Outage Lasted for More Than 5 Hours

Twitter has suffered outage of more than 5 hours and it is gradually recovering from the disruptions for its more than 300 million users across the globe.

The Twitter users started to get disruptions around 3 a.m. Eastern Standard Time and the problem continued till 8. a.m during which most Twitter users were not able to update status on any of the devices. In fact the service is still experiencing problems.

Twitter has not given any estimates that how many users have been affected by this Twitter outage. All it said was that the company was aware of the disruptions and was working to resolve the issues.


This is the most extensive disruption that Twitter has ever experienced. However, such disruptions have also happened to other social media services like Facebook which has had its share of hours of service outage during last 18 months.

These technical problems are the latest in a series of issues being faced by Twitter. In an effort to increase its reach, it has been thinking of implementing a longer tweet word limit.

While rival Facebook has successfully monetized the site, investors remain skeptical that it will ever be able to gain the kind of financial success that Facebook has achieved. They are also concerned about the low growth. Facebook has 1.5 billion users as compared to 300 million Twitter users.

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