Uber Aims to Create 50,000 Jobs in Europe During 2015

Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber has said that his company wants to expand its operations in Europe with the aim to generate 50,000 new jobs and also taking 400,000 cars off road. He said this while speaking at DLD Conference being held in Munich Germany.

The ride sharing service is not against regulation but it wants a “progressive regulation” which mTravis Kalanickeans working in a competitive environment and promoting safe and affordable rides. Many city government across the globe have been challenging Uber taxi service with existing laws and regulations.

Uber has been facing trouble in Spain where its service was suspended in Madrid. It also had to face a shutdown order in Bangkok. Recently Uber was also banned in Delhi, India where one of Uber drivers was charged with rape of a passenger. South Carolina has also issued a cease and desist order against Uber.

Kalanick said that these are archaic laws which are not tuned to affordable and safe rides. He cited the example of a South Korena law which requires that only foreigners can take a chauffeured driven car.

Kalanick also revealed that so fare 1.6 million people have experienced an Uber ride in its four and a half years of operation.

He went on to say that Uber will eventually turn out to be a cheaper alternative to owning and driving your own car and the drivers will continue to earn a decent earning of $25 per hour.

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