Uber Operations are Suspended in Spain

Taxi!Uber has stopped its service in Spain, at least for quite some time now.

The company, which has been the target of fierce opposition from taxi drivers around the world, was forced to suspend its operations in Spain late Tuesday. This decision from Uber has come after a court ruling in Spain that its UberPop service which is a low cost service was potentially noncompetitive and was not in compliance of Spanish laws.

The judge also issued orders to Spanish banks and telecom operators to suspend access to Uber service.

Uber has said that the company received the ruling on Tuesday and was complying the decision of the court. The company said that it has already filed an appeal against the decision but this might take many months for the review to take place.

The company said in a blog post:

“We will also collaborate with Spanish politicians to develop the modern framework needed to create a permanent home for Uber and the sharing economy.”

Uber, which is currently valued at $40 has suffered this setback on the heels of growing legal problems that it has faced all over the world with taxi drivers and association accusing that its service was not meeting local and national transportation statues and laws.

The French government has also ruled that the low cost service of Uber can not operate in France from tomorrow, but the company has said that it will continue its operations unless a judge rules so.

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