Ukraine Airport Comes Under Cyber Attack From Russia

Ukrainian government has announced a review of the cyber defenses of the government systems, especially at railway stations and airports, after it was confirmed that the recent cyber attack on the main Kiev airport had originated in Russia.

The virus was detected in one of the sensitive computer systems at Kiev airport. The network where the malware was spotted also includes the air traffic control at the airport.

The malware appears to be similar to the one that attached three power companies in December last year which caused a power outage of around 6 hours for more than 80,000 customers. It was the first cyber attack that had caused a power outage in a country. The attack was attributed to a Moscow based hackers group named Sandworm, according to research by a U.S. cyber intelligence firm.

The Ukrainian authorities are currently investigating if the malware is linked to a virus platform named BlackEnergy which caused the attacks on the power firms in December. However, in both the cases it has been confirmed that the servers from where attacks have originated are housed in Russia.

The recent attack on the airport systems has come at a time when the relations between Ukraine and Russia are already very strained.

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