US Indicts 5 Chinese Army Hackers for Stealing Companies Secrets

securityIn a first ever, the US government has charged 5 officers of the China’s People’s Liberation Army with criminal charges for stealing trade secrets from US companies. The US Attorney General, Eric Holder has released the indictment with 31 charges.

The indictment list also contains the names of five companies whose secrets relating to pricing, strategy, plant designs or cost were allegedly.

Cyber espionage has reached new heights with governments sponsoring the activity. US claims that China, Russia and Iran are the biggest offenders on this cost. There are estimates that cyber espionage costs the US economy up to $120 billion annually.

However, the United States has also its hands covered in dirt on this count because China is likely to point out the Stuxnet worm that targeted nuclear plants in Iran and the foreign surveillance programs of the National Security Agency.

It is not likely that those indicted will ever stand a trial in a US court.

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