For This Valentine’s Day, Use Uber for Sky Messages

Uber-LogoIf you did not remember to plan a Valentine’s Day gift for the person in your life, you might seek help from Uber.

Uber, is a mobile app which allows its users to hail taxi rides, will allow users in New York, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Diego on Friday between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. to use it for sky messages.

However, this is not a cheap offer because it has been priced at $500 per sky message.

This is a unique marketing gimmick by Uber which it has also been doing in the past like allows users to request ice cream trucks, Christmas trees, Puppies and kitties too.

Uber has entered into agreement with AirSign and MasterCard for these sky messages. Users will be allowed to request a sky message of maximum 12 characters therefore, users are most likely going to request “I <3 U.”

Once a user has requested a sky message a representative from the company will call them to confirm the message and then let the user know a probable time for their message.

Uber has said that the demand for the service might be high therefore, “so please be persistent if you’re unable to order skywriting on your first try.”

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