Verizon Blames Netflix for Slower Video Streaming

There has been a considerable decrease in the video streaming speed of Netflix on Verizon which led to accusations that the ISP might be deliberately throttling Netflix movie streaming.

Netflix has said in its monthly ISP grading that Verizon’s ¬†average video streaming speed has decreased from 2.2Mbps in October to 1.82Mbps in January this year. Google Fiber is the leader with average speed of 3.78Mbps.

netflix isp ranking

After court gave freedom to ISPs on net neutrality issue, the ISPs have come under closer scrutiny. In a recent blog post David Raphael almost confirmed that Verizon has been throttling Netflix bandwidth and video streaming services of Netflix.

However Verizon has denied the charge saying that it continues to deliver ‘pristine’ user experience. In a statement sent to Ars Technica, Verizon went a step further and rather accused Netflix for poor streaming speeds. Verizon told Ars Technica:

How the Internet works can be complicated, and consumers should be aware of the fact that the integrity of their home Internet connection is only a portion of the streaming video quality equation. If their broadband connection is functioning correctly, the source of their frustration and the content they wish to see may be one in the same.

Verizon is not willing to take any blame but the users are suffering in all this debate. Netflix has not offered any comment on this.

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