Walmart Reduces iPad 2 Price to $299, Target Offers $50 Gift card

Both Walmart and Target had been fighting with each other over the holiday shopping season and offering the best iPad deals. Now in the new year, both these giant retailers have offered new iPad special deals in an effort to boost sales.

From tomorrow, February 9, Target will be offering a $50 gift card on purchasing iPad Air, Retina iPad mini, iPhone 5s. The offer will be open up to February 15th. This is  not a real cash discount but it is a good offer if you are a frequent shopper at Target.

The offers from Walmart are a bit more interesting. It has reduced the price of iPad 2 to $299 up to March 7. However, this deal is available only in store.

It is of note that iPad 3 is an old tablet and at the reduced price of $299 it is still not an attractive buy. But if you own an older iPad and you are not really that much worried about old models, then this is the right deal for you.

You can also trade in an older iPad and get a $100 credit for any working iPad.

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