Waze Puts Google Maps Miles Ahead of Competitors

Google’s decision to buy Waze was not just based on a start up – rather it was interested in the Waze community which is highly engaged and willing to provide real time information about traffic.

And this engaged community is critical for Google to stave off the competing apps for Google Maps.

Google has announced on Tuesday that Android and IPhone users using Google Maps will now be able to have real time traffic view posted by the Waze community.


This means that any traffic congestion or accident will be shown on Google Maps as well as Waze apps. This is an excellent news for users of Google Maps who will now have more enriching information to help them reach their destination and this can not be good news for the rival Apple Maps and others.

Google Maps, which already leads in the Online maps world will now become a real time traffic Wikipedia after integration with Waze.

Waze has 50 million users at the time when Google bought it – and these users are very active constantly updating traffic information. Before now Google Maps relied on information fed by traffic reporting services.

Waze had been around for many years but it came to spotlight when Apple launched its revamped Apple maps along with the release of Apple Maps. But those maps were such a disaster that Apple ended up recommending rival services like Waze and Google Maps.

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