Web Hosting Company Squarespace Suffers Long Outage

A big web hosting services provider Squarespace suffered a long service outage today which last for around 7 hours. All sites hosted on Squarespace, which is a competitor to GoDaddy, Wix.com and WordPress,  were facing connectivity issues and went down.

The Squarespace technical team has investigated the cause and initial repair efforts were not complete. As per current status update on Squarespace, the issue has been resolved.

The exact number of websites affected by this incident is not clear but potentially the number of affected customers are around one million.

This week has turned out to be a bad week for the web hosting industry because earlier 123-reg also suffered downtime.

Many customers of Squarespace expressed their frustration on Twitter. Babywear company Oppi Designs was also among the companies that suffered because of this outage.

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