Whatsapp Racing Ahead in Messaging Apps Race

According to a report by Business Insider, Whatsapp is increasing its lead in the messaging apps race. According to an announcement by Whatsapps, it now has 400 million monthly active users, which includes users who log into app at lease once in a month.

Whatsapp added 100 million monthly users in the four months before the company announced the figures which is an indication of how quickly it is gaining new users.

The closest competitors of Whatsapp are Line and WeChat which have monthly active users number of 186 million and 297 million respectively. To get an idea of how big these messaging apps are, consider that the headline-grabbing app Snapchat has only 30 million monthly active users.

Image by BusinessInsider

Facebook’s own messaging app Facebook Messenger has just 53 million users.

To give another indication of the popularity of Whatsapp, the Business Insider report says that 41% Android smartphones have Whatsapp and 23% of Android phones have another messaging app Kakao Talk.

Social platforms like Twitter and Facebook need to be on the watch out because otherwise they may be caught unaware to find most of their user base spending more time on Whatsapp.


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