WhatsApp Suffers Massive Outage – Back Up Now

WhatsApp suffered a massive outage of many hours (almost four hours downtime) only a few days after the news that Facebook is going to buy the popular messaging app for $19 billion.


WhatsApp has declared 450 million users and there are big chances that more users have joined in troves after the announcement that Facebook was buying WhatsApp. Presently WhatsApp has jumped to number 5 spot on the most popular list on Apple’s App Store.

The outage was noticed by WhatsApp quite early and it tweeted that it was awre of the problem and was working to fix it.

This was  technical glitch but many die-hard WhatsApp fans were already thinking of conspiracy theory that Facebook had shut down WhatsApp on purpose. Though that is far from reality because Facebook and WhatsApp have already declared that WhatsApp will continue to operate separately of Facebook much like how YouTube continues to operate in a separate manner from its parent company Google.

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