White House Selects McAfee CTO as Cybersecurity Head

The US government has finally moved ahead and selected a senior executive from famous anti virus firm McAfee as the top cyber-security official at the Homeland Security Department.

The new incumbent, Phyllis Schneck is the CTO ( Chief Technology Officer ) for public sector at McAfee and will take up the new job in September, WSJ has reported. Homeland Security is in the leadership role in fight against domestic and foreign hackers always looking to break in to US networks.

Phyllis Schneck

She will take up a job which has seen quite a high turnover. Her predecessor left in April after only 18 months in the job. And the interim replacement  also announced his resignation in July.

The main challenge for Schneck will be the framing of a policy about how hard the government should go in regulating the private sector related to cyber-security matters. One big and hotly debated issue has been whether the Obama administration should prescribe minimum cyber-security standards for sensitive industries like energy and banking for forcing them to protect their networks. Companies have been generally very cold to the idea and like to set up their own standards.

McAfee’s president, Miochael DeCesare has said that : “McAfee takes great pride in the strong partnership we have with the U.S. government and governments around the world.”

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