Why Apple Watch Has Been a Failure

Wearable are yet to get essential and insanely popular like smartphones. Other than FitBit, other major wearables have not been able to create a significant business opportunities for the companies. One of the most high profile actor in this area is Apple and even its Apple Watch can not be branded as a success story, based on the number of sales so far.

Apple has been able to sell only 10.6 million Apple Watch units in 2015 so far which is fare below the 21.4 million devices sold by Fitbit in 2015. Even that will not be a success because of the high expectations set for a company that sells more than 200 million smartphones in a year. In fact, analysts expect that the sales for Apple Watch are going to decline even further.

The business analytic company KGI predicts that Apple will be able to sell only 7.5 million watches in 2016 which is even lower than 10.6 million it sold last year.

A big drawback of Apple Watch is that you have to have an iPhone to make use of most of its features. This is not convenient because what is the use of a device you wear on your wrist if you have to carry an iPhone in your pocket for ull use of it.

Apple needs to introduce a killer app to turn things around, which does not look likely at this stage. The situation might change in future but for now, Apple Watch is a dismal failure.

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