WikiLeaks Releases Emails from CIA Chief’s Private Account

Wikileaks has said that it is now in possession of the emails from the private email account of CIA Director John Brennan. It has further said that it will release publicly the contents of these emails over the next days.

Wikileaks has already released Brennan’s SF86 form which contains detailed information for seeking government security clearance. Other documents that have been presumably authored by Brennan have also been uploaded.

One of the documents is tiled “The Conumdrum of Iran”, in which Brennan has written his thoughts about how the next president should negotiate with Iran. Another draft is an intelligence paper that Brennan seems to have written in 2007.

The leaks in possession of WikiLeaks also include emails that are in his inbox and which includes an email from the vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to other members of the board with a proposal about different interrogation methods.

The private email account of Brennan was hacked earlier this week  by a teenager who is not happy with the foreign policy direction of US and WikiLeaks seems to have got these emails via that channel.

CIA has said in a statement that it is a crime. Most of the documents released so far are from the dates before 2009, the year Brennan joined as a White House staff.

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