Windows 10 All Ready to be Loaded on PCs

Microsoft Windows 10 is all ready to be shipped to PC manufacturers to load on the new PCs before the launch date of 29th July, tech blog The Verge has reported.

This kind of release is called “released to manufacturing” or RTM and is considered as an important milestone in the release of a new operating system.

Windows 10 has been going through public beta testing since October last year and now the company is satisfied that it has finally developed a final version that now can be shared with the end users.

Microsoft has already stated that Windows 1o will be last version of Windows which means that no new version number will be released in future but Microsoft will keep updating Windows 10 with new features, security fixes and updates etc. And this model has been named “Windows as a Service” by Microsoft.

Existing Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users can upgrade to Windows 10 free of cost within a year and can now sign up to reserve their place for a free upgrade. By doing this, Microsoft wants to avoid a server outage which happened with Apple upgrades recently.

Though some PCs might already have been shipped with new version of Windows 10 by 29th July but it will take a few weeks till manufacturers finally push out in big numbers.

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