Windows 10 Will Have a New Web Browser

Bugged Internet ExplorerIt has been reported that Microsoft is working a new light weight web browser which has been code-named Spartan and this might replace Internet Explorer in the new Windows 10. According to report from ZDNet, the new browser is definitely not a new iteration of Internet Explorer .

Rather it looks like that Microsoft is working on fresh start with a new browser that has the feels and looks which are “more like Chrome and Firefox”. However, the new browser from Microsoft will still be using old Microsoft technology like Trident rendering engine and Chakra JavaScript engine though it will be having a new appearance and extensions too. But Microsoft has no plans to switch to WebKit engine which powers Safari browser from Apple.

However, Internet Explorer is not going to disappear from the universe because according to ZDNet, IE 11 will still be a bundled product with Windows 10 because of the compatibility reasons. As a matter of fact, Windows 10 will come shipped with two browsers on board. Windows 10 event has been scheduled to be held on January 21st. More information may possibly be released at that event.

However, ZDNet also is of the view that the new browser might still be a thing in works and may not essentially form part of beta releases of Windows 1o.

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