Windows XP is Dead Effective Today with End of Life

Windows XP Screensaver BillboardWindows XP has reached its end of life with the last batch of security updates for the aging operating system already released by Microsoft. Anyone who will be running the 13 years old operating system will be exposed to many online security hazards as Microsoft has announced the end of life of Windows XP effective today i.e 8th April.

Windows XP was first released in 2001 and a later policy of Microsoft promised support for a product up to 10 years after their launch. However, the company extended the support for Windows XP as an exception for another three years up to 8 April, 2014 in 2007.

However, according to some estimates still one in five PCs are running Windows XP. The operating system will not stop functioning and the customers have a perpetual license to use Windows XP but running Windows XP after end of life will make the computer vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The latest security vulnerability in Windows XP was discovered as late as last week.

Microsoft has partnered with a company named Laplink to guide its customers in moving to a new PC powered by a latest operating system. A free tool named PCmover Express for Windows XP is now available and can be used for moving files and data from an old PC running Windows XP to a new one powered by Windows 8.1, Windows 8 or Windows 7.

Microsoft has also offered free $100 credit to users who want to switch from Windows XP.

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