Xbox One Media Remote May be Launched on 4th March

Microsoft’s focus on Xbox One is to position it as a gaming as well as entertainment hub but strangely there was no remote shipped with it for use with the TV features of Xbox One. xbox one remote

However, now it looks like Microsoft is going to address this issue be launching an accessory soon. The Canada site of Amazon listed the Xbox One Media Remote for a brief time with the details and the date of release to be March 4th before the listing was taken down.

The listing is no longer available on Amazon but you can still view the listing on Google cache which shows that Xbox One Media Remote control will be available for $24.99 Canadian dollars. There are many feature rich remote controls available for Xbox 360 but the one for Xbox One seems to be a very basic remote with the basic buttons like volume, playback and navigation and nothing advanced.

It is not clear yet why Amazon has removed this listing.

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