Xbox One Update For Windows 10 Arriving on November 12th

xbox one
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Microsoft is all ready to launch a massive update for Xbox One next month. The update includes roll out of Windows 10 to gaming consoles with a lot of new features. Microsoft expects to bring speed and performance improvements as well as an easy design for use with a controller in place of Kinect. The interface has now been redesigned such that you will not need to leave apps like party, friends and messages for some basic functions like sending invitation to Xbox Live friends for a game play.

Microsoft also has plans to bring Cortana to Xbox One but that will be possible only in 2016. The early indications that Cortana for Xobox One will be similar to what can be seen in Windows 10. However, the focus in this dashboard update is to bring significant speed increases to Xbox One UI.

There will also be backward compatibility for all consoles of Xbox One. After this updated dashboard everyone will be able to play Xbox 360 games on Xbox One. However, the titles that will be supported are limited at this time but Microsoft has plans to bring hundreds of old titles to Xbone One. The update is already being rolled out to Xbox preview members and to everyone else it will be rolled out on November 12th.


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