Yahoo Admits its European Sites Spread Malware, Thousands Affected

Yahoo has admitted that earlier media reports that its sites were spreading malware were correct. In a statement on Sunday Yahoo admitted that certain advertisements on its European network did in fact spread malicious software to visitors of those sites.

Yahoo! Offices in Bangalore

Yahoo, in its statement on Sunday has said that:

 “On Friday, January 3 on our European sites, we served some advertisements that did not meet our editorial guidelines, specifically they spread malware.”

Yahoo further said in the statement that the thread was removed as soon as it came to their notice and that the attack was not targeted towards mobile devices and Mac computers.

Malware is any rogue computer program that can collect private information of users, disrupt normal computer working or gain control of the target computer.

The attack was first revealed by Netherlands computer security firm Fox-IT. It had said that the ads being served from were malicious. It had estimated that the malware was being delivered to almost 300,000 users every hour which was transforming into 27,000 infections in a single hour. Britian, Romania and France were the countries that were affected most.

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