Yahoo Gets Most U.S Web Traffic, Even More Than Google

Yahoo has been recently in news for trying to refresh its old products or for Marissa Mayer trying to turn around the company, but Yahoo is still freaking popular.

According to data by comScore total Yahoo traffic was more than any other company in the US. Yahoo topped US traffic with 196.6 million visitors compared with Google’s 192.3 which was previously occupying the first position. And this Yahoo traffic did not include Tumblr traffic, a site which was at 28th position in its own right.

Yahoo Owns Google

This is the first time after 2008 that Yahoo has been able to get the top position back. Both Yahoo and Google have been going neck to neck for many months now and Google was ahead by only 4 million in June.

However, there is some twist to this. These traffic stats exclude the all important and growing stats from mobile where Yahoo has failed miserably to catch up. There is every chance that Google will regain its top position when comScore releases data for all the platforms.



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